Danielle Carter-Walters

Co-Owner and Head Trainer 

  • Advocate for Women’s Health and Fitness
  • Certified AFAA Fitness Instructor

Trainer, entrepreneur, and fitness inspiration Danielle Carter Walters is passionate about helping women transform their bodies while keeping their curves. 

 Her fitness and lifestyle transformation began at the age 26 after having her fourth child. Dissatisfied with her weight of 210lbs, Danni developed the discipline to exercise every morning and eat healthy. Once she achieved her fitness goals, she became eager to share her knowledge with other women. 

 Danni is the true epitome of work hard play hard. If she is not dancing to hip hop music in her designer shades and sandals on her Instagram and Facebook, you can always find content of her or her clients exercising. 

 In 2010, Danni established U Against U, a one stop shop that offers training, exercise equipment, and supplements to support your physical, nutrition, and mental needs during your fitness and lifestyle journey. 

Danni attributes her business to customizing her training program and services to her clients needs. Danni takes pride in not just helping her clients lose weight, but learn proper techniques and understand the relationship between fitness, nutrition, and mental health. 


“It’s U AGAINST U” You’re the only one standing in your way!!!

Remember… “It’s U AGAINST U, you’re the only one standing in your way!”      

Always remember: It’s U Against U, you are the only one standing in your way from achieving your goals. Whatever you tell your mind, your body is going to follow. The only rule I have in my gym is that you never use the word “can’t”.If you do, you owe me 50 push-ups!