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U AGAINST U FITNESS is not just about fitness training, U AGAINST U FITNESS is a one-stop shop that has been constructed to address your physical, mental, and nutritional needs. With our proven Training Techniques, Nutrition Programs, Wellness Services, Supplements, and Fitness Products U AGAINST U FITNESS is well equipped to support you in your Fitness & Lifestyle Journey.


Certified Trainers will design individualized programs to help you achieve your goals. We want you to look and feel your best with U AGAINST U FITNESS’S Training. Our style is practical and effective. We at U AGAINST U FITNESS want you to get fit yet open yourself up to the mindset of also living a healthy lifestyle.


“U Against U Fitness and Danielle has been life changing for me! I always talked about getting my health in order and working out, but Danielle has helped me to finally put my thoughts into action. When I initially started like others I was nervous. Danielle and the other ladies at the gym helped me to get through my work out by encouraging me and pushing me to limits I didn’t know I had within me. By following the meal plan and “homework” I was able to achieve the initial results I needed to fit in my wedding dress!!! Now U Against U Family is a must for me! I lack discipline, I don’t know the exercises I need to achieve new goals, and I need the accountability. Danielle knows exactly which exercises are needed to help me keep what I need, lose what I don’t want (my gut), and enhance my physique.”

Latonya Beasley-Carter

“It is a privilege and an honor to say that Danielle Carter-Walters has changed my life. I started my weight loss journey a couple of months prior to meeting her and I have not looked back. I started at 280lbs 2 years ago. Danielle is the truth and I am an example of how she can motivate you to want to be a better you. It is not about the money for her. She actually genuinely cares for all the ladies she works out with. I have not only learned how to maintain a healthy new way of life but, I have gained a great mentor, sister/friend, and trainer. Her beautiful spirit and love for what she does is a blessing. She has brought great joy to me and my daughter and I am forever thankful. Everyone should have a trainer like Danielle Carter-Walters.”

Deborah Barnes

“In Danni’s Lab we put in work. I have been training with Danni for about a year and I am very pleased with my results. I have gained physical and mental strength since I began training with Danni. Danni works with us and builds us up to reach our goals. She is tough and takes no excuses, but she is always there to cheer us on. She has changed my view of working out, I used to dread working out and never really put my heart into it. Now I view working out as an act of self-care and feel empowered after every workout.”

Jenn Lauren

“I am so happy I started going to Danielle Carter-Walters to begin my fitness journey. As someone who suffers from an autoimmune disorder, weight loss was a major challenge and felt impossible. I didn’t think it would be possible and I was doubtful in the beginning, but with the help of Danielle I became more motivated to work-out and I began eating healthier. Before, working out and eating healthier felt like a chore and now it feels like a lifestyle. Without her encouragement and her push I would be still stuck doing fad diets and wouldn’t know what to do during my workouts. I am much more confident now and I can’t wait to show off this new body!”

Courtney Barnes


Leaner. Healthier. Stronger

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