A 30 MINUTE CONSULTATION WITH DEPOSIT IS REQURED FOR ALL CLIENTS. Choose plans with 8,12,16,20, or 24 one-hour sessions. Our coaches will give you all the support you need to perform exercises correctly and safely. You will receive plenty of support and advice along the way with a customized plan for your fitness journey.

Personal Training 

  • Train one-on-one with coach
  • Receive a Customized Fitness Plan
  • Receive a Meal Plan
  • Receive a U AGAINST U FITNESS Sweat Band
  • Receive a jar of U AGAINST U FITNESS Thermo Gel

Semi-Personal Training

  • You and one other person with a coach
  • Receive a Customized Fitness Plan

*Plans with 16,20 or 24 sessions receive meal plans

*Meal Plans can be purchased separately  

Coming Soon

Male Training

Couples Training

Group Training 

  • 3 or more people with a coach

Online Training